Dinardo’s has bikes for everyone!

  • First, we choose manufacturers that have a balanced approach: they use equally good parts throughout the bike. This gives you a better quality bike than manufacturers who use some “feature parts” but use lesser quality parts where they are not seen.
  • We choose bikes for maximum, our manufacturers build bikes that you will enjoy for years because they are built to last. Buying a moderately priced quality bike is a far better value and investment than replacing department store bikes because of frame flex (causing the bike to skip or jump out of gear) and part failures (where replacement parts are unavailable).
  • Our distributors have small, efficient operations here in Canada. This ensures that you are spending your money on ‘more bike’ and not on an expensive marketing campaign and huge corporate expenses.
  • We choose a line of bikes with different frame geometries and sizes to make certain that we will have a bike that fits a wide range of riders, as not all bikes fit all people. See our page on bike fitting for more information.

We choose our Distributors based on a number of factors.

Dinardo’s stocks bikes, accessories and parts from the best manufacturers in the world. Our product selection includes a range of bikes to satisfy your needs — and if you do a have special request, we can order a bike from one of our manufacturers. Opus, KHS, Felt, Tern, Redline, Chase, FreeAgent, Genesis, United & Evo 

Opus Bikes

Opus’ goal is a very simple one: To design and build first-class bicycles for riders at every level.

They want to share their passion for the very best in cycling.
Opus bikes are designed and most are assembled in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Check out Opus Bikes, including their eBikes, at Dinardo’s.

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Felt Bikes

Over the last decade, Felt has grown into one of the world’s most respected cycling brands by staying true to its principles. In engineering, product development, sales, marketing and customer service, the same underlying values that sparked the start of the company drive every Felt employee, every day. However you measure success—product development, milestones or race wins—Felt has experienced it. The products speak for themselves. From Felt’s innovative manufacturing processes including InsideOut Internally Optimized Molding and Dynamic Monocoque Construction, to breakthrough product design such as the FAST suspension and the Bayonet 3 Steering System, Felt is constantly seeking to push the technology envelope. The world’s fastest UCI legal time trial bike, the DA, has dominated the international time trial and triathlon circuit. The Edict full-suspension mountain bike also had a spectacular entrance to competition, taking on the proving grounds of UCI Elite XC racing.

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KHS Bikes

KHS manufactures a full line of mountain, road and touring bicycles as well as comfort tandems and cruisers. They design, manufacture and distribute moderately priced and high quality bicycles and accessories that are sold in more than 30 countries and are respected for their outstanding value. Dinardo’s is proud to have been dealing with KHS bikes for over 30 years.

Bikes we like from KHS include the Soul 7. This is a “bombproof” bike that is the strongest bike available at this price point — and even some higher price points. Take a look at our gravel grinders, that can handle the punishment and rigors that Ottawa roads and bike paths can put it through. Another KHS standout is the UltraSport Bionix which is comfortable, strong and rides smoothly with electric assist. KHS also produces speciality bikes including cruisers, folding bikes, tandems, trikes and recumbents.

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Evo Bikes

Bionx System

FreeAgent Bikes

FreeAgent offers a line of BMX race bikes starting at $449.99!

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Redline Bikes

REDLINE offers a line of heart-stopping, adrenaline pumping bikes that include BMX, free style, trail and dirt track racing models. These bikes are built to take punishment and deliver maximum performance — in fact, you’re getting race-winning performance right out of the box!

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Chase Bikes

United Bikes

United BMX now being sold at Dinardo’s! This United Recruit Jr is going home with a very lucky kid! Comes with 20″ wheels, a 20″ top tube, 165mm chromoly 3pc cranks and a sealed cassette rear hub making this bike a great choice for a kids first freestyle BMX!

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Belize Bikes

Genesis Bikes

Tern Bikes