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Click above to complete our service form and secure your place in the service queue (approx 3 weeks out). We will email you a drop-off date. Pickup will be within three days (we have limited space!)

Due to the worldwide shortage of bicycles, we are accepting deposits on our inventory of bikes arriving now, up until spring 2022.

Retail Businesses are currently experiencing unprecedented Covid-19 hardships and most products are in short supply.

With a limited availability of bike service parts, our current inventory will be used for our clients’ bike servicing. This allows us to continue to employ our excellent staff and keep operating our business.

We will resume over-the-counter sales when parts become available.

We appreciate your understanding and support in these difficult times.

Thank you,
Frank and team


    In Stock @ $349.99

Beats riding in the Rain!





Hiking Poles — Socks — Footbeds

Tecnica Plasma walking shoes –
the Custom Fit Revolution!


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